Dudu Erez

Standup Comedian and Actor

Or Ekstein

Software Engineering Team Lead at Guardio


Orna Banai

Actress and Standup Comedian

Dima Shaposhnykov

Chief of Cyber Security Arch. at PwC

Orit Navon

Journalist and Lecturer

Tal Friedman

Actor and Standup Comedian

Adi Barazany

Lecturer and CMO
at Blink

Ben Sela

Public Speaker
and Actor

Nate Leibzon

Product Manager
at Tetavi

Shahar Hason



Orit Navon

Journalist and Lecturer

Dudu Erez

Comedian and Actor

Orna Banai

Actress and Comedian

Tal Friedman

Actor and Comedian

פתיחת ספק:

פרטים לפתיחת אקספרס כספק בארגון שלכם:

אינגליש אקספרס בע"מ

ח.פ. 515290682
כתובת: גארי ברתיני 5 תל אביב, 6810884


איש קשר: אבינועם רז, מנכ"ל
טלפון: 0515117646

מסמכים חשבונאיים ומשפטיים: 
1. תעודת התאגדות

פרטי חשבון:
אינגליש אקספרס בע"מ
בנק הפועלים – 12
סניף רוטשילד – 170
חשבון – 79872

Vendor Setup:

Setting up Express as a vendor:

English Express Ltd.
Business Number: 515290682
Address: Gary Bartini 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6810884

Contact person:
Avinoam Roz, CEO
Phone number: 0515117646

Accounting and Legal Documents: 

1. Certificate of Incorporation

2. Bookkeeping certificate and withholding tax exemption

3. Bank account confirmation
Account Details:

English Express Ltd.
Bank Hapoalim – 12
Rothschild branch – 170
Account – 79872