Dudu Erez

Standup Comedian and Actor

Or Ekstein

Software Engineering Team Lead at Guardio


Orna Banai

Actress and Standup Comedian

Dima Shaposhnykov

Chief of Cyber Security Arch. at PwC

Orit Navon

Journalist and Lecturer

Tal Friedman

Actor and Standup Comedian

Adi Barazany

Lecturer and CMO
at Blink

Ben Sela

Public Speaker
and Actor

Nate Leibzon

Product Manager
at Tetavi

Shahar Hason



Orit Navon

Journalist and Lecturer

Dudu Erez

Comedian and Actor

Orna Banai

Actress and Comedian

Tal Friedman

Actor and Comedian

Transforming Tech and Business Professionals into Fluent English Speakers​

Transforming Tech and Business Professionals into Fluent English Speakers

Our clients work for companies such as

Our clients work for companies such as

That's what they have to say:

Nate Leibzon

Product Manager, Tetavi


“Here at English Express I have the opportunity to come and speak in English in a space free from pressure and judgment.”

Ben Sela

Public Speaker and Actor


“I felt comfortable making mistakes in English and I think that’s the most important thing: you can feel free to make mistakes.”

Nofar Shaer

Content Marketing Expert, Yazamnik


“I feel that I can do whatever I want. If I want to make a video in English or talk to someone, I will succeed.”

You wouldn’t venture onto the highway without feeling
holding the wheel, right?

So why do you do it in English?

Fit perfectly into our community:

As part of your training, you’re going to speak about professional topics with like-minded professionals.
We have more than 1,000 grads and active trainees in the community.

Amnon Ben Zion

Software Developer, Noname


“I learned to adopt English into my everyday life, learn new words and expand my vocabulary based on things I see and hear.”

Shahar Hason

Standup Comedian


“The coaches at Express know where my weaknesses are and how to improve them, but not in a way that corrects me, but gives me tools on how to correct myself.”

Dima Shaposhnykov

Chief of Cyber Security Architecture, PwC


“With the help of the Express team, I raised my English level and developed professionally. I recommended my colleagues and sent some of my employees to Express.”

Our Program:

Our Team

We are constantly improving our communication skills and have walked this path ourselves, so we can lead by example and not authority

Adi Saranga


Dori Kutai


Eran Amiel


Joan Ben Amitai


Guy Ben Aharon


Karien Cohen


Tai Regev

Head Coach and
Coach Trainer

Noam Roz

Founder and CEO

רוצים להצטרף לצוות המאמנים?

Join our community!

Several times a week there are zoom presentations given by our trainees and we have monthly live events where our trainees present lectures and presentations to an audience.

Collaborations and Special Programs:

We work with the Ministry of Education and higher education institutions.

Training senior commanders in Mamram and Basmach Units

Working with the foundation and unit for discharged soldiers

Hey, we do some cool stuff too...

Funny Monday - Israeli Standup in English


Yohay Sponder

Standup Comedian

The Express Method is unique and amazing and the coaches are excellent and positive. I am proud to say that I study with them, and recommended them to everyone I know. Learning a language requires a lot of patience, technique and willpower. Express combines all three in a fun and entertaining way that makes it stick in your brain. It combines genius concepts with excellent human relations.


Shahar Hason

Standup Comedian

Everyone teaches English, but only Express really has a method. The Express Method helped me express myself on stage more confidently in an intuitive and fast manner. The knowledge and passion of the coaches contributed to my feeling of confidence. I recommend because it simply made me speak English.


If you have tens of thousands of followers and you want to create content in English
And to gain followers from all over the world, you are welcome to cooperate with us.

Today, the world knows Israel mainly through the news and politics...
Logical advocacy efforts that fight fake news cannot really make people love Israel.
We love different countries and cultures because of the food, music, movies and clothes, not because of the politics.
Let's talk and figure out how we can work together (:


If you've got 50K+ followers, and you're interested in building a global brand,
you wouldn't like to miss the opportunity to cooperate with us

We can Collaborate

If you and your organization help professionals break into the global market, we can collaborate

Got any other idea? We're all eyes and ears:

Interviews with the Founder - Noam Roz

Noam Roz grew up with an American mother but was afraid to speak English until the middle of high school. The way he found to overcome his personal barrier became a smart and organic learning method that is now passed on and helps a lot of high-tech people and business people to feel comfortable with themselves even if they are not in their native language.

Episode 56 of MamraMic, the podcast of the Mamram Alumni Association, and this time with Noam Raz, a graduate of Mamram and the founder of Express English, which brings about a change in the way to learn English.

How do you go from being a Marmannik with a guaranteed hi-tech career to the founder of an English learning company.

How to learn a language enthusiastically without being afraid to make mistakes and practical techniques that will help us learn any language we want. Especially for this I invited Noam Raz, the owner and developer of the Express method, which helps hi-techists and business people become English speakers and work in the global market.

Would you like to invite us for an interview?

The Podcast of Express

We at Express help hi-techists and businessmen become English speakers and work in the global market.

We are here to talk about personal development, technology and business, and give practical examples from everyday life.

Still on the fence? (:

Amir Shneider

Head of Marketing, Voom


“I would recommend English Express to anyone who wants to maintain their English skills and especially to those who intend to work in high-tech.”

Klil Shafrir

Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Intel


“I couldn’t put together a proper sentence in English before Express and now I’m able to give lectures and speak for 30-40 minutes in front of people.”

With the express method you learn to think in English.

Here is an example:

רוצים לחקור עוד?
יש לנו גם בלוג


Yoav Maor

Co-founder, Purple

The little voice that says “Just don’t make fun of my English” has become silent and I can simply speak with fun and confidence. I was even happy this week to have several phone calls with customers and suppliers from abroad, things that until now I would only do via email because I have Google Translate there.
Instead of learning and memorizing material, I just train myself to live my life in English and think in English.

If there is anyone who has this fear of being heard speaking, the fear of making a mistake and the frustration I had – I promise you that Express is for you and you know that I do not recommend it to anyone.


Dr. Leahy Rachelson

Co-founder & CEO, BELLE

This week I spoke in a forum of over 40 people (!). For the first time in my life I was not focused on syntax but simply spoke fluently, asked complex questions, was an integral part of the yeshiva and left it with a great feeling. This method has provided me the tools to keep on improving independently anytime, anywhere. 

If I had to explain myself what I need, I couldn’t ask for anything more precise.


Idan Cohen

Founder and CEO at Pick a Pier

I came to Express after a long time looking for an English teacher to accompany me to a large conference held this year on Zoom in front of hundreds of people, an international conference that would position my company and me in a very unique place in the industry and I did not want to compromise on the choice. I tried institutes and some private teachers from the biggest names in the field but I couldn’t persist. Express understood already in the initial conversation what they were going to work on.

He quickly understood exactly where my weaknesses are and what needs to be worked on, for years I spoke in English without whole parts of the language that I made sure to hide and avoid expanding on certain topics.

The process of re-learning a language really made me look at many areas afresh, made me understand where I was wrong, recognize my mistakes and deal with them on a daily basis in order to improve. Express’s method makes thinking and coping part of the daily routine and forced me to be better and not be afraid to face the challenge I set for myself.

This “challenge” is today a basic condition for success in almost any field and Express simply knows how to do it. Thanks!


Sivan Shimoni

Operations Manager at Camillo

My experience with Express is excellent.

Beyond the fact that English comes out of me much more naturally today, the program also brought with it amazing people, through whom I developed the ability not only to express myself, but also to delve deeper into topics and express complex emotions.

This experience does not feel like learning; I would define it more like a cool, exciting and fun addition, while upgrading and enriching English happens quite naturally. This is probably her charm.

When I signed up I didn’t know where I was getting into, and today I realize that this is one of the best decisions I made.

Until a few months ago, I felt that English diminishes me, that I am perceived as less good when it is in the picture. Today I concentrate on the experience itself. I don’t “lose myself” in English, but learn even more about myself through it.


David Baba

Product Manager

After many years of trying to improve my English, I came to the express workshop. The workshop and the trainers in it give the tools and confidence to deal with barriers in the English language. The safety net that is created makes it possible to express yourself better in English in the various social circles.

The training method refers to the daily routine and thus the tasks become interesting and challenging.
I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their English or who has already given up and decided that they probably won’t be able to deal with the English language barrier.


Anat Keren

Clinical Manager, XRHealth

For the first time in my life I find myself using English voluntarily without anyone forcing me, just for fun, and looking for opportunities to speak and use it in everyday life and at work. I found a friend who speaks English and I speak with her on a daily basis and also with my partner.

It just focuses on me and my life and not on the rules of the English language, and then out of interest and accessibility I just do it.


Yael Bar

Marketing & Creative Director

Whoever did not learn English in the Express, did not learn English in his life. Noam’s unique method of learning English will close any gap you have regarding the language, develop and enrich your knowledge and self-confidence on both a personal and professional level. In Express I learned how to think in English before the relocation to London. Get ready to enjoy every step of the way!

Yehuda Niv

Owner, Niv Books Publishing

Today I speak English freely without being ashamed, before I spoke in a broken and fragmented way and shortened my stories. It turned a chore into fun. I went on a business trip in Europe, and were able to have professional conversations. They complimented me for my fluency and pronunciation. I finally know when to use the complex tenses without thinking about the rules.


Liora Naginski

Technical Operations manager at Cymbio

Express is exactly the course I’ve been looking for all my life!
With the help of the cool and creative methods we took care of exactly the problematic points. It is no longer just an English course, but a course that is precisely adapted to everyone. Today I am able to hold conversations on various topics and not only technical topics related to work when most of my office speaks English.

Personal accompaniment, availability for any question even during the day and not only during class hours is definitely another advantage of Express.
So if you want to speak English freely in any subject and anywhere, Express is exactly what you were looking for 🙂

We work with IT and business professionals who work in the global market.


Matar Stiglitz

Founder&CEO CodyMe

Until the workshop, even the English I knew I barely dared to speak in meetings or in conversations with Chul. Since the workshop, my fear of speaking with people in English, even with foreign people, has disappeared. In the last six months, I gave pitches in English, conducted meetings and video calls in English and spoke spontaneously with English speakers at conferences.I had a mess in my head with the whole subject of biasing bodies and times. Since then, everything is clearer and more organized in my head. I draft emails quickly and when I check them in Translate they come out with almost no errors.

Dima Shaposhnykov

CST360 Cyber Security Specialist

English is really important to me. A lot of my clients are English speakers, and I fly a lot for work. With the help of the express method, I improved my English from a high school level, to the level I expect in the business world.

During the course I saw an improvement on a weekly basis in my ability to talk to my clients and express myself. My self-confidence jumped significantly and my fluency improved. Nowadays I talk without stopping, I don’t have to think about what and how ‘, I’m just talking. It’s hard to describe it, it just entered my system.


Lena Trifonov

PhD, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

I respectfully presented at the conference the chemistry work I did at Bar Ilan. Lucky that there are conferences and opportunities to stop and see how much you’ve been through and how much you’ve done and finally be proud of it.

A huge thank you to the Express Speaking in English workshop that greatly improved my self-confidence! Today for the first time I felt comfortable with myself to speak in English and to choose English myself.


Yohay Sponder

Standup Comedian

Express’s method is unique and amazing. The trainers are excellent and positive, I am proud to say that I study with them – I have recommended them to everyone I know. Learning a language is something that requires a lot of patience, technique and willpower. Express combines all three in a fun and entertaining way that leaves the information in your brain. They combine genius with excellent human relations.


Shahar Hason

Standup Comedian

כולם מלמדים אנגלית, אבל רק לאקספרס יש באמת שיטה.
שיטת אקספרס עזרה לי לבטא את עצמי על הבמה עם יותר ביטחון עצמי בצורה אינטואיטיבית וחופשית ומהירה עם פחות סימני שאלה. The knowledge and passion of the trainers to teach English contributed to my feeling of confidence. I recommend the method because it just made me speak English


Omri Barkan

Lawyer, Afik&Co

Express is unlike anything else you know, it’s hard to explain. Every time I had to have a conversation in English, a dialogue with work colleagues, clients and just on the street, I would avoid and dodge… grind my teeth and stammer or somehow transfer the conversation to chat… and then I entered Express. The workshop deals with a very simple thing – living in English. After the workshop, my confidence increased significantly and I started to take advantage of new opportunities. Do yourself a huge favor and sign up.


Alon Zofiof

CEO, Moral Jewelry

English has always been a challenge for me. I understand English, I can read English and I also know how to speak English but I have always avoided speaking in front of people.

I was afraid that I wasn’t “good enough” and that I would be laughed at because my English wasn’t good. My goal in the business world is to advance the business to new districts, to districts where the Hebrew language is not found, most of the world speaks English, and it is time for me to build personal confidence and be able to speak English with people. I signed up for an express workshop to strengthen my personal confidence in the language and the results came straight away.

– I do business with businessmen from all over the world.

– It doesn’t bother me anymore that I’m wrong in one or two words.

– The quality of calls and the depth have gone up several steps.

– and I occasionally find myself also singing to myself in English.

I highly recommend the express method because it has made my world simpler and easier.


Lin Cohen

Master NLP

As I rose through the management ranks, I became the CEO of a shopping mall, inside I was ashamed because not only did I not know English as was required of a CEO, but I avoided rejecting words or sentences that would have been thrown into the air and I felt really out, didn’t understand, didn’t belong and maybe didn’t deserve the status. ..

The program allowed me to introduce English into my daily life and integrate it everywhere in my world of content, little by little I felt like I was opening up like a flower in a sunny field from week to week there was a wonderful improvement in my confidence which allowed me to jump in my learning ability.

It’s like being a drunkard who can’t smell anything (out of fear) and suddenly the smell started coming… and with the desire, I had a renewed desire for everything that smelled like English. I maintained the mode of “not knowing”) I started reading a book in English, talking to friends I have in English who strengthened me along the way.

The strongest and best part along the way was that in the Hebrew conversations I would have, words and even sentences in English would “fall out” at me, I noticed that my brain was really doing the work for me. I went through a wonderful change in my inner world, one that made me see Lin – as she was!

The plan and method that Noam developed is both ingenious and simple. The beautiful part is that there is nothing to try to remember, would you believe to learn English and not

NLP try to remember. So yes, it’s as simple as that. The method is based on

And those who know, will understand what a genius the person is who developed a method in a way that programmed the brain easily and efficiently.


Michael Rozman & Sagit Shemesh

Senior Full Stack Developer, Rapid API and Software Engineer, Cappsool

We enjoyed participating in the express workshop. During the workshop we get daily exercises and for the first time in our lives we felt that speaking English is just fun. Even after the course, the coaches stayed in touch, and invited us to fun alumni events and gatherings. If you want to improve your English, there is no magic solution, you have to practice it, but joining Express is a great way to start this process with lots of energy, great coaches and friends.

We work with IT and business professionals who work in the global market.


Evyatar Rimon

System Engineer - ELTA Systems Ltd

I joined Express because my self confidence, ability to pronounce and understand words were quite limited. While watching TV in English I always had to use subtitles. I also avoided speaking with my wife’s American family. Now, after finishing the Express program, I finally have the courage to initiate conversations with them! It was certainly one of the most important moments for me. I feel that the coaches at Express really understand my personal limitations (especially while working in tech) and know how to help me overcome them.
I used to think in Hebrew and translate my thoughts to English, today when I speak in English I speak in English!


Hezi Makmal

Building manager at CBRE

I went through a journey that reflected to me what were the mistakes of the past in learning English, where I was wrong when I was trying to improve my English, and what the right path was. Today I have a deep understanding that in order to learn and understand better, English should simply be made a part of life in almost every aspect. A huge thanks to my coach for his patience, desire to teach, and sharing his knowledge throughout the training.!


Dima Nechaevsky

Senior Product Manager, Huuuge Games

I tried a lot of things during the effort to improve my English, with a focus on speech. Courses from all kinds of English schools, applications, phone calls with the coaches… Everything just didn’t feel adapted to what I needed, like someone with a good level of English but not good enough for my professional needs…The Express English approach feels like the right thing in the right place! This is a framework so the English language becomes part of your daily routine. The burden of proof is still on the student, but someone that really wants to jump to the next level just should take this course! Noam and all the coaches are very professional and nice persons, and this is of course also very important. In the first month, I was really very excited to find this course/framework and start with the whole habit thing. I see that the impact on my language is already very significant!


Meital Arik

Executive Director - National Cyber Directorate

Express encapsulates the language acquisition process! Professionally and personally It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. For me, it worked like a charm.!


Meital Rapaport

HR Specialist

The ability to identify barriers, and understand that the difficulty is not schooling but the crippling, psychological fear – is Express.!


Hai Sagee

Found and CEO of Top Speaker

As soon as I started doing the program, it changed my mindset, and also taught me to think in English.
While I’m speaking in Hebrew, suddenly words come out in English. I really love their whole method, which is based on the four habits, and it gives me a lot of confidence. Every day I teach people to stand in front of a camera and in front of an audience, and this gave me the confidence and courage to do what I do abroad as well.


Haim Ger

Affiliate Manager, Plus500

I came to Express after coming across an ad and several short videos by Noam – giving useful tips for everyday English in a slightly different way than what I was used to being exposed to so far.
I tried courses in different places in the past, but no course gave the knowledge, tools and attitude that Express gives.

The idea is to put the student at the center and give him tools that will be used throughout the day and not just relying on “memory” or memorizing words in specific cases.
As we integrate English into our daily life, from simple actions to writing an email at work to an international client or a conference call, everything is a matter of habits and Express teaches you to do it right.


Ofra Dekel

Biological Engineer & Entrepreneur

The way to understand certain things is through direct experience.

In the Express workshop, I was first exposed to learning English through an innovative, creative, active, exciting experience. Finally, the motivation and commitment to a continuous improvement process reawakened in me. Beyond learning English, Noam is a life guide!

With the help of the workshop I freed myself from psychological restraints,
Like “What shame, what will happen if I make a mistake?…”
The self-confidence to express yourself and dare to speak with new people in English is strengthened (Networking is a super important tool).
New and healthy habits were woven into my daily routine even long after the workshop! I highly recommend this express workshop as a gift to yourself to improve the quality of life!


Naor Malca

Software Engineer, HARMAN International

Already in the first hour on the express I realized that I had arrived at the right place. We very quickly understood the gaps and my weaknesses in English, and with the help of Express’s method, I improved miraculously from the first weeks. I knew what to focus on and the beauty was that all the practice was done in a daily and easy way.In the past I was afraid to send an email at work, today I conduct long discussions in English confidently and naturally.

Olga Saltovski

Business Owner - Moonshine

The workshop does what years of study do not. It changes the whole approach to learning English – from the first week you really start speaking English, from lesson to lesson, the speech patterns become correct.

It opens up a new, fascinating and fun way to continue and not an endless return to some illustrative rule that will be forgotten as soon as the book of rules is closed”


Eden Omer

Software developer

First of all, I improved my personal image, which is 90% of what I needed.Secondly, I think you hit the mark on the points I needed to improve such as the In/On/at places, and times. Most importantly, it was just plain fun!

Gali Belleli

EMEA Senior HR Advisor at Verison Media

You know that marginal area on the side of the road,
Where do you accelerate to merge into traffic after a long stop on the side?

This is an express for me, excellent preparation for my new job. I was given the opportunity to make mistakes, receive feedback, and correct, thus improving my grammar which was at a very low level.

I noticed my weaknesses and how to fix them. I had a wonderful learning experience with no pressure or judgment.
I’ve gained the confidence I need for life here in Dublin, so thank you very much for that!

If you got all the way here, you're half way there... (;